Hast Thou a Dragon in Your Lair?

Hast Thou a Dragon in Your Lair?
EMP Joins Forces with Seattle Opera for Fantasy


Scenic Studios Manager Michael Moore has created half a dozen scaled beasts for the Seattle Opera since being hired in 1979. For EMP’s forthcoming exhibit Fantasy: Worlds of Myth and Magic he’ll create yet another.

Moore mastered the art of dragon making while working on Fafner, the mythical monster slain by Siegfried in Der Ring des Nibelungen. For the first Seattle Opera production in the 1970s the dragon’s head had scales and glowing eyes. One created in the 1980s was so large that audiences only got a hint of the beast in the form of a giant outstretched claw. The creature destined for EMP’s Fantasy exhibit will be so colossal that the six-foot long head will appear in one section of the gallery and its 20-foot coiled tail in another. And what a tail it is. Visitors will be able to touch the tail to "wake" the sleeping giant and instigate some special animatronic effects. Do you dare? “All the dragons created for the production of the Ring have been very active,” says Moore, "but in the end Fafner always loses to Siegfried.” How does this dragon differ from past creations? Moore replies, “This one could win!”

Fantasy: Worlds of Myth and Magic opens April 27 at EMP.

Story from EMP Newsflash, March 2013

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