We Are 12™

The Seattle Seahawks and the Road to Victory

  1. We Are 12 is first and foremost a celebration of the fans that helped take the Seahawks to the top! Get up close and personal with gear from Seahawks players including Russell Wilson, Russell Okung, and more.

    Pictured: Seahawks player Russell Okung's cleats

    Photo courtesy EMP staff.

  2. Get an insider look at Pete Carroll’s speech notes from the Seahawks team meeting less than 24 hours before the 2015 NFC Championship game.

    Photo courtesy EMP staff.

  3. Having a routine is instrumental in the Seahawks’ game preparation and vital to recreating success week in and week out! Get an inside look at Coach Pete Carroll and the Seahawks' weekly game plan. From “Tell the Truth” Mondays to “Game Day” Sundays, the team runs a schedule that relentlessly pursuits a competitive edge in everything they do!

    Photo courtesy of EMP staff.

  4. The Seahawks ring, made by Tiffany & Co., contains a whopping 166 diamonds, 40 blue sapphires, and one neon tsavorite. But what makes it a true Seahawks gem are the inscriptions hidden on the underside of the ring, including the team mantra from their champion year: “Leave no doubt 24/7.” Conceived in a players’ meeting, it’s more than a motto: it’s a mission to honor the Seahawks name both on and off the field.

    Pictured: Super Bowl XLVIII ring, loaned by Jody Allen, the CEO of Vulcan.

    Photo courtesy of EMP staff.

At the start of the 2013 season, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson challenged his teammates to believe with one simple question: “Why not us?” It took 38 grueling seasons, but in 2014 the Seattle Seahawks and the Northwest celebrated their first-ever Super Bowl championship victory.

They didn’t do it alone. Every game day, a tenaciously loyal and record-breakingly loud fan base gives the Seahawks a 12-on-11 advantage every play. These passionate fans are known worldwide as the “12s.”

To honor them, the Seahawks retired jersey number 12 in 1984—and since 2003, the team has raised a “12” flag before every home game to symbolize the importance of, and deep connection with, their loyal supporters.

Organized by EMP in partnership with the Seattle Seahawks, We Are 12 celebrates this historic team, its leadership, and its loud and proud fans.

Devotees of all kinds are invited to experience these hometown heroes in a dynamic, immersive space with rich multimedia; a “Call the Play” interactive experience; Stats Wall infographic; and exclusive interviews with Seahawks players and leadership, including owner Paul Allen, Head Coach Pete Carroll, President Peter McLoughlin, Executive Vice President and General Manager John Schneider, and Chief Operating Officer Chuck Arnold.

Featuring iconic artifacts signifying noteworthy team milestones—including the famed Vince Lombardi Trophy—and ongoing opportunities for fans to connect, We Are 12 will invite you to unleash your inner “12” this game season!

We Are 12: The Seattle Seahawks and the Road to Victory is included with museum admission and is free for EMP Museum members.