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Every horror fan knows that in order to survive, you have to stay together.

That’s why we’re keeping horror lovers close with our monthly watchalong series, It’s Coming From Inside the House (ICFITH). ICFITH, MoPOP’s monthly horror watchalong series, is a place for the horror hounds, the horror curious, and even the horror averse to come together and talk about what scares us (even if it’s just an unsightly hairpiece from an 80s slasher flick).

The concept is simple: we invite a guest from the horror community to select a film they think deserves a spot on our list of 100+ Horror Films to See Before You Die (created for the Scared to Death exhibition). The special guest then makes a case for their film during a conversation with the program host and fans who are logged on for the watchalong. Throughout the program, we provide a space for horror fans to chat about the film and connect with the special guests and other horror lovers. 

From January through October 2021, join us at 7pm PST every third Friday of the month for a fresh film. Take notes on your faves, because at the end of the series, you’ll be able to vote on two new films to be added to the list of 100+ Horror Films to See Before You Die.

American Psycho (Uncut)

Event date  September 17, 2021
Event time  7:00pm PT
Event location  Online Watchalong — View-Your-Own

Unrated 112 mins Dir. Mary Harron 2000

In New York City in 1987, a handsome, young urban professional, Patrick Bateman (Christian Bale), lives a second life as a gruesome serial killer by night. The cast is filled by the detective (Willem Dafoe), the fiance (Reese Witherspoon), the mistress (Samantha Mathis), the coworker (Jared Leto), and the secretary (Chloë Sevigny). This is a biting, wry comedy examining the elements that make a man a monster.

MoPOP’s monthly horror watchalong series is back in September and we’ve invited horror author, critic, and game writer Evan J Peterson to pick a film they feel deserves a place on our list of 100+ Horror Films to See Before You Die. Evan chose American Psycho, director Mary Harron’s take on Bret Easton Ellis’ novel of the same name – a skewering satire about masculinity and capitalism given fresh new perspective in its feminist director’s adaptation. You’ll never listen to Huey Lewis and the News the same way again. 

Here’s a handful of program elements that you can expect to see: 

  • Pre-film introduction with MoPOP’s Robert Rutherford and guest Evan J. Peterson 
  • Cheap-as-heck quarantine cosplay  
  • Chat with Robert, Evan and other fans during the film 
  • Post-film discussion and Q&A with Robert and Evan– be a part of the conversation! 

If you happen to own American Psycho or are able to rent a physical copy from your local video store, get it queued up at 7:00pm PT on Friday, September 17th!  Otherwise, here's where you can find American Psycho online: 

More info about our Special Guest Evan J. Peterson: 

Evan J. Peterson is the creator of Drag Star! (Choice of Games), the world’s first drag performer RPG (currently featured in MoPOP’s Indie Game Revolution gallery), as well as The PrEP Diaries: A Safe(r) Sex Memoir. An author, critic, game writer, and Clarion West alum, his writing has appeared in Weird Tales, Unspeakable Horror 2, Queers Destroy Horror, Nightmare Magazine, and Best Gay Stories 2015. His serialized novel Better Living Through Alchemy is currently releasing digitally, chapter by chapter, from Broken Eye Books, and his first full-length poetry book, METAFLESH: Poems in the Voice(s) of the Monster, is due this summer from ARUS Entertainment. Evan was the founding producer and host of the SHRIEK: Women of Horror series in Seattle. can tell you more. 

Twitter: @evanjpeterson 

Preorder METAFLESH: Poems in the Voices of the Monster 

Get ready to have your heart warmed, your spirits lifted, and your hope restored: MoPOP’s new film series, The Comeback, is all about lifting up the underdog, the Hail Mary, the impossible victory.

In our latest installment of Movies at MoPOP, we’ll be covering cult films from all over the genre map that exemplify the uphill battle, and eventual victory of the unlikely Comeback. Join MoPOP’s very own Kasi Gaarenstroom and a special guest every month to watch unlikely heroes achieve the impossible. All films will be screened virtually.

After over a year of isolation and untold hardship, we hope this series inspires viewers to reflect on their own Comebacks in the last 18 months. Whether you got a new job, began a new hobby, or just made it through the pandemic as best as you could, we wanna hear your comeback stories.

— Schedule —

October 9: Child's Play

November 13: 9 to 5

December 11: Cool Runnings

December 18: Kiki's Delivery Service


Event date  Saturday, October 9, 2021
Event time  6:00pm PT
Event location  Online: Watch Your Own
Ages  All Ages

R | 87 mins | Dir. Tom Holland | 1988

“We're friends 'til the end, remember?”

Little Andy is gifted a creepy looking doll, Chucky, by his well-meaning mom. When Chucky MURDERS Andy’s babysitter, Andy realizes Chucky is more than just scary looking...


9 to 5

Event date  Saturday, November 13, 2021
Event time  6:00pm PT
Event location  Online: Watch Your Own
Ages  All Ages

PG | 109 mins | Dir. Colin Higgins | 1980

“Getting even is a full-time job.”

Three female employees daydream about ending their sexist boss’s tyrannical reign. After a weed-and-booze-fueled evening of harmless fantasizing, the ladies find that they have the opportunity to do just that.



Event date  Saturday, December 11, 2021
Event time  6:00pm PT
Event location  Online: Watch Your Own
Ages  All Ages

PG | 98 mins | Dir. Colin Higgins | 1993

“Feel the Rhythm! Feel the Rhyme! Get on up, it's bobsled time!”

A team of Jamaican bobsledders have their eyes set on the Winter Olympics — never mind that they’ve never sled in snow! With the help of a former champion with a tarnished reputation, they might just have a shot.



Event date  Saturday, December 18, 2021
Event time  6:00pm PT
Event location  Online: Watch Your Own
Ages  All Ages

PG | 103 mins | Dir. Hayao Miyazaki | 1989

“I was feeling blue, but I'm better now.”

Kiki is 13, which means she must now leave home to become a full-fledged witch. With just her broom and her black cat Jiji, Kiki must learn to make it in a new town. When her witch powers start to falter, Kiki has a crisis of faith. Can she get over her mental block to become the witch she’s meant to be?




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