Seattle Mini Maker Faire

A public faire featuring passion projects of all stripes.

  1. An original-concept racecar exhibited at the 2014 Seattle Mini Maker Faire, the DIY Supercar was built in a home garage using techniques that anyone can learn and tools that anyone can afford.

    Photo courtesy EMP staff.

  2. The Seattle Mini Maker Faire was held at EMP Museum for the first time in 2014, in partnership with Penny University. Seattle Mini Maker Faire 2014 brought audiences the latest inventions, activities, and talks that blended art, engineering, science, and technology from more than 60 makers.

    Photo courtesy EMP staff.

  3. Young makers enjoyed displays such as the Autonomous Toy Train using Arduino, Battletrack by Play-Well TEKnologies, Craft Stick Toys, and more.

    Photo courtesy EMP staff.

Maker Faire, hailed as the "Greatest Show (and Tell) on Earth," is a family-friendly showcase of invention, creativity, and resourcefulness—and a celebration of the maker movement: people not just hungry to talk about the next big thing, but to make it!


TypeOnline AdvanceAt the Door
 1-Day Pass2-Day Pass1-Day Pass2-Day Pass
Adult $15 $20 $20 $25
Students (with ID) $10 $15 $15 $20
Youth (5–17) $8 $12 $12 $15
EMP Members $10 $15 $15 $20
Youth 4 and under FREE FREE FREE FREE

Now in its fourth year, Seattle Mini Maker Faire offers tech enthusiasts, crafters, homesteaders, scientists, garage tinkerers, and commercial makers of all ages and backgrounds a platform to share their passion projects with the public—anyone who embraces the do-it-yourself (or do-it-together) spirit.

Over the course of the weekend, guests are invited to get their hands dirty and try out the latest inventions, activities, and talks that blend art, engineering, science, and technology from more than 100 makers. It’s a vibrant gathering of innovative minds, and the perfect opportunity to learn as well as share!

We particularly encourage exhibits that are interactive and that highlight the process of making things, including, but not limited to:

  • Student projects
  • Robotics
  • Arduino projects
  • Space projects
  • Food makers
  • Conductive materials projects
  • Interactive art projects
  • 3D printers and CNC mills
  • Textile arts and crafts
  • Home energy monitoring
  • Rockets and remote controlled toys
  • Sustainability, green tech
  • Crafters, puppets, kites, bicycles
  • Radios, vintage computers and game systems
  • Electronics, electric vehicles
  • Biology/biotech and chemistry projects
  • Shelter (tents, domes, etc.)
  • Music performances and participation
  • Unusual tools or machines
  • Demonstrations on how to fix things or take them apart (vacuums, clocks, washing machines, etc.)

Here are just some of the amazing maker exhibits that will be featured at the 2015 Seattle Mini Maker Faire!

2333 Designs2333 Designs and Manufacturing/Cypress PSoC

Check out 2333 Designs’ IOT Bluetooth Low Energy – Cypress PSoC exhibit featuring a Nerf Blaster that can be controlled from a smart phone, an automated camera lens cleaning system, and an Arduino Based Development platform for students for Bluetooth Low Energy.

Hear from Jeff Kriegbaum, CEO of 2333 Designs and Manufacturing, at the presentation Turning Your Dream into a Product, 3:00pm-3:20pm in JBL Theater on Sunday.


Join 4Culture in celebrating the inaugural year of Tech Specific, a program that funds temporary projects which prominently utilize or feature technology - from analog to digital, low-tech to high-tech! We'll have giveaways, materials, and staff on hand to answer your questions.

Ada’s Technical BooksAda’s Technical Books

Ada’s Technical Books & Café is where the technical mind finds what it craves. And where a bookstore becomes a community. Our store sits in Capitol Hill, Seattle. And is home to the kinds of books, gifts, workshops and events that beckon to the geek {and the geek in all of us. Because we believe in never-ending learning, evolving, and collaboration, {and hanging out while doing it. So you can find the knowledge you seek, feed your curiosity among friends, and always feel in your element.


We will be demoing some of our products and projects including a CNC/ 3D printer/ Pick and place robot among other automation systems, the APOC Pro and APOC Sensor and various rocket engines, jet engines and flight control systems for small scale and hobbyist space research.

BEAM ExperiencesBEAM Experiences

by BEAM Experiences (Seattle, WA)
BEAM Experiences is a STEAM-based afterschool enrichment program for schools and libraries in the Greater Seattle area focusing on robotics, game design, storytelling with graphic novels, coding, and stop motion animation. Explore a showcase of BEAM Experiences’ curriculum with demonstrations, and have fun with LEGOs in the interactive play area.

Bhold: Design Made Better By Technology Bhold: Design Made Better By Technology

by BHOLD (Long Island City, NY)
Bhold provides rapid beta testing with 3D printing, subjecting a single product to go through over 50 or 100 rapid prototyped versions within just a few months. You can play with prototypes and give feedback on them. Additionally, get a sneak peek at Bhold’s latest design, a tablet speaker.

The Big-Brained Superheroes ClubThe Big-Brained Superheroes Club

by The Big-Brained Superheroes Club (Seattle, WA)
This afterschool program at Yesler Community Center is on a mission to tap into the hidden strengths that all young people have through the interdisciplinary exploration of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics (STEAM). From ingenious circuit building to digital logic puzzle solving, the BBSC’s hands-on workshops and thinking laboratory challenge young students to exercise their real-life superpowers.

Brighton Elementary School Arduino ProjectsBrighton Elementary School Arduino Projects

by Brighton School (Seattle, WA)
Brighton primary grade students will be displaying three recent projects: a "STEAM Storybook" titled The Return of the Grinch, a vibrant flower and bug garden embedded with LED lights and Arduino micro-controllers that respond to tiny electronic HEX bugs, and a working earthquake detector built with Arduino that responds to vibrations by turning on various alerts.

Clara VoceClara Voce (Tales of the Secret Voice)

(Eugene, OR)
Clara Voce is a 4-channel live performance piece that exposes the secret music in voices using granular synthesis. Samples of voice are manipulated to expose the hidden music that lies in-between the words.

Performance at 11:00am in JBL Theater on Sunday.

Cooperative Cardboard CreationsCooperative Cardboard Creations

(Bellingham, WA)
Cooperative Cardboard Creations presents an array of cardboard robots, puzzles, and 3D creations for kids and adults to play. Included in maker Andy Hiester’s past projects is The Space Tower, a towering, 30-ft. structure made entirely of recycled cardboard inspired by the well-known landmark in Seattle.

Couch ArmadaCouch Armada

by Couch Armada (Seattle, WA)
Proving that you can make something awesome out of the everyday, Couch Armada pieced together the guts from two mobility scooters, 15 meters of RGB strips for lighting, four speakers, and a subwoofer to build the mobile living room piece Couch Chaisse.

Creating With 3D Printers

(Sammamish, WA)
A 13-year-old maker presents his Orion Delta 3D printer to make your 2D visions into 3D reality!

Custom Device Interlink

(Gig Harbor, WA)
This new app, debuting at Seattle Mini Maker Faire, allows people to link with different devices without internet connection, advertising, or linking to home clouds.

Custom Motorized Longboard

(Seattle, WA)
This speedy and efficiently-designed electric motorized longboard by a local youth maker uses a small handheld controller, has approximately seven miles of charge, and reaches a top speed of 20 MPH.

Youth maker Angus Willows will discuss his project as part of the Youth Maker Spotlight Talk, 1:00pm-1:30pm in JBL Theater on Saturday.

D20 Brass BandD20 Brass Band

(Seattle, WA)
D20 Brass Band brings their brand of 100% Nerd Funk to the streets of Seattle and beyond, playing at your favorite geek hangouts and events, in the streets, and wherever nerds are found.

Performances on the Next 50 Plaza outdoor Motor Zone, 11:00am and 2:00pm both Saturday and Sunday.

Daisy Solar Powered TricycleDaisy

by eatART (Vancouver, BC)
Daisy is the world’s largest solar-powered tricycle, and an excellent example of the beauty that can exist when artistic creativity meets engineering knowledge. With a carriage that can carry up to 15 passengers at a time, Daisy comes with a pilot and ground crew to ensure the safety of the public both in and around her.

Dalek ClaraDalek Clara

by Dalek Clara (Seattle, WA)
This roaming Dalek model was inspired by the hit BBC TV series Doctor Who, and is a home-built project using upcycled parts, 3D printing, Arduino, robotics, and various simple electronics.

Vintage Cabinet CompueterDestiny Box: Vintage Cabinet Computer

(Auburn, WA)
In the spirit of ‘80s spy movies, this hands-on exhibit invites people to interact with a DOS and Windows 3.1 on a terminal with a custom control panel hidden inside an everyday cabinet. Play games, communicate with a robot, and see what technology unfolds as you explore.

DigiPen Institute of TechnologyDigiPen Institute of Technology

For over 25 years, DigiPen Institute of Technology has helped advance the video game, simulation, and animation industries by empowering students to become exceptional game developers, engineers, programmers, and digital artists. DigiPen Institute of Technology will be hosting a hands-on activity where participants will have the opportunity to assemble and test digital dice. Participants will be able to take the digital dice home with them!

Hear from Dr. Jeremy N. Thomas, Electrical & Computer Engineering Department Chair and Associate Professor at DigiPen Institute of Technology at the presentation Project-Based Learning of Science and Engineering, 2:15pm-2:45pm in JBL Theater on Sunday.

DIY Computerized Imaging Rig

by Rinworks, LLC (Bellevue, WA)
The DIY Computerized Imaging Rig is a computerized microscope which serves as a complete camera and lighting control over a small (1’x1’x1’) space. The design uses the mechanics of a 3D printer for fine-grained control over camera position, adding a digital microscope head in addition to the extruder.

DIY Home AutomationDIY Home Automation

(Seattle, WA)
Explore two open-source designs for home automation using microcontrollers like the Raspberry Pi and Arduino: a soil moisture sensor that triggers a pressurized irrigation system, and a sound system that turns on when you walk through the front (or back) door. Fully functional prototypes will be available for demonstration and interaction.

DIY Wireless Power ProjectsDIY Wireless Power Projects

(Mill Creek, WA)
Wireless Power Projects will showcase an array of devices powered from resonant inductive power transmitters, including LED lights, POV (persistance of vision) displays, mini robots, and even USB charging receivers. Plus, see how power can be transmitted through a variety of material boundaries—including water!

Eitech Engineering ToysEitech Engineering Toys

by Eitech America (Redmond, WA)
Engage with steel construction sets focused on teaching engineering sciences to budding builders. Each kit encourages critical skills like counting, spatial awareness, and fine motor skills while promoting creativity.


Energia is an open-source electronics prototyping platform started by Robert Wessels in January of 2012 with the goal to bring the Wiring and Arduino framework to the affordable Texas Instruments Micro Controller based LaunchPad prototyping boards. We will be demonstrating projects based on Energia and LaunchPad to show makers how easy it is to work with micro controllers and electronics.

Epilog LaserEpilog Laser

Epilog will be demonstrating the latest in laser engraving/cutting technology at the Vancouver Mini Maker Faire. Stop by and see how our systems can easily cut and engrave all kinds of materials!

The Evergreen School: Build Imagine Grow

by The Evergreen School (Shoreline, WA)
The Evergreen School is a K-8 school in Shoreline with a quickly-growing maker mindset. The booth will share student projects, including 3D-printed "ancient civilization" artifacts and a circuit-based puzzle developed by a group of teachers at a maker education conference.


See cool projects presented by FabLab, Tacoma’s premier membership-driven prototyping and technology workshop. FabLab strives to provide easy and open access to cutting-edge design and prototyping equipment, and to bring educational opportunities and a supportive community for students, inventors, artists, and DIY enthusiasts.

FIRST Robotics Team 2930 Sonic SquirrelsFIRST Robotics Team 2930 Sonic Squirrels

FIRST Robotics Team 2930 will demonstrate one or more large, 120-pound FIRST Robotics Competition robots. Visitors will be able to interact with the robots, plus say hello to the team’s mascot—a light-up guitar-playing squirrel!


by Fishboat Inc. (Bainbridge Island, WA)
Fish Boat swims like a fish—with only one moving part and no hull penetration. The exhibit will display the human-powered version and a drone prototype powered by Arduino, which can serve as an inexpensive solar powered data-acquisition device and, on a large scale, as a very efficient long-distance tug boat. Both versions were designed in Sketchup.

Flying Heritage CollectionFlying Heritage Collection

by Flying Heritage Collection (Everett, WA)
The planes within the Flying Heritage Collection were created at a time when aeronautical discovery had evolved to aviation mastery. Finely crafted by distinguished design bureaus with leading technologies of the 1930s and 1940s, the main emphasis of the collection includes combat aircraft from World War II. Enjoy this informational look into the entire collection, and then try out a demo of the flight simulation program Flying Heritage uses during their gaming events.

Fort BoardsFort Boards

by Fort Boards (Seattle, WA)
Fort Boards is a custom fort building kit for children that makes creativity easy and fun. Visitors will be invited to to step inside an onsite castle created entirely out of Fort Boards to build their own inventions. From ancient castles to pirate ships, what kind of adventures will you and your kids imagine?

Fortuna Forms: Kites and Sky ArtFortuna Forms: Kites and Sky Art

by Fortuna Forms, Goodwinds (Anacortes, WA)
Fortuna Forms specializes in making unique shapes and objects fly. Swing by to view a variety of kites for both indoor and outdoor performances, take part in a fun kite-making workshop, and watch nationally ranked performance artists demonstrate indoor kite flying.


foundry10 is an educational organization started with the goal of furthering our understanding of learning. One of our biggest programs is focused around empowering high school students to pursue a project of their interest. Our exhibit showcases the work of these students from their summer project and includes video games, films, music, robotics, car design, and some 3d printing. Come see what these students are capable of making.

Join Foundry10 on the Next 50 Plaza outdoor Motor Zone for Starter Motor Rebuild Competition, 11:30am-1:30pm both Saturday and Sunday.

Hear about Foundry10's student-led internships at their presentation Maker and Mentor Reflections, 3:30pm-3:50pm in JBL Theater on Sunday.

The Foundry: Bellingham's Makerspace

by The Foundry (Bellingham, WA)
Check out maker projects built in The Foundry, from battle bots that are safe for kids—complete with a rock/paper/scissors arm—to a fully 3D-printed guitar. Additionally, see an exclusive showcase of the e-Nable hand project.

Hear from The Foundry at Makerspace Spotlight Talk, 1:00pm-1:45pm in JBL Theater on Sunday.

FRC Robotics Team 4911 CyberKnightsFRC Robotics Team 4911 CyberKnights

by King's High School Robotics Team (Seattle, WA)
FRC Robotics Team is competing in the FIRST Robotics Competition program. The team will be displaying their champion robot, winner of the most prestigious award at a district competition, and competitor at the World Championship, where it finished as one of the top 24 projects in the world.

GetMakered Mobile Makerspace 3D Selfie Booth

by GetMakered Labs (Sechelt, BC)
This mobile 3D scanning and printing studio takes full body scans of people to print them as “action figures.” Stop by and “Get Makered.”

The Gift of Walking

by They Shall Walk (Brier, WA)
They Shall Walk presents an interactive display of kinetic sculpture and robotics including the LIFESUIT, a robotic exoskeleton; a telemetry suit; and other prototypes. Visitors will be able to interact with the telemetry suit to move the robotic suit in real time. Makers will be on hand to explain how the system works. Plus, don’t miss They Shall Walk’s talk, “Making Your Disability Your Strength.” This overview of They Shall Walk’s founder Monty Reed’s life presents how he overcame a learning and physical disability to achieve his dreams. Today, Reed spends his time giving the gift of walking through research and development of the LIFESUIT robotic exoskeleton.

Granite Falls Eco-Car TeamsGranite Falls Eco-Car Teams

by Granite Falls High School Eco-Car Teams (Granite Falls, WA)
The Granite Falls High School Eco-Car Teams build and test fuel efficient vehicles in preparation to race for the best fuel efficiency in the Shell Eco-marathon.

Handmade Paper Recycling MagicHandmade Paper Recycling Magic

(Bellevue, WA)
Kids of all ages experience art, science, and sustainability as they dip their fingers in pulp made entirely of clean recycled materials. They’ll make their own gorgeous piece of handmade paper to take home in this hands-on art workshop.

HiveBio Community LabHiveBio Community Lab

by HiveBio Community Lab (Seattle, WA)
Learn more about the HiveBio Community Lab and the DIYbio movement worldwide. Plus, take part in a hands-on DIYBio activity: strawberry DNA extraction.

Hear from HiveBio Community Lab Makerspace Spotlight Talk, 1:00pm-1:45pm in JBL Theater on Sunday.


(Kirkland, WA)
Holofunk is a gestural, audiovisual live looper that uses the new Kinect to let you record yourself and play yourself back, with a dizzying array of sound effects.

Performance at 11:00am in JBL Theater on Sunday.

Husky Robotics Team

by The Husky Robotics Team (Seattle, WA)
The Husky Robotics team presents their Mars Rover, built to compete in the University Rover Challenge (URC) hosted by the Mars Society.


by Hydrobee SPC (Seattle, WA)
Wish you had somewhere to plug in on those long hiking trips? FireBee turns the heat from a cookstove, woodstove, or camp fire into electric power for phones and LED lights. Its unique design makes it more efficient and cost-effective than anything like it.

Jamming with ColorJamming with Color

(Seattle, WA)
Jamming with Color uses the position, size, orientation, and spatial relationship between colored blocks (or any found object) to allow participants to compose and perform music—live! Have fun hearing the effects of adding, removing, and changing the order and position of objects to create new, innovative tunes.

K-9 Doctor WhoK9 from Doctor Who

(Lakewood, WA)
This full-sized replica of K9 the robot dog from the BBC TV series Doctor Who is built primarily of wood and plastic, and is equipped with a Adafruit sound board and internal speakers to play sound clips from the show as he explores.

Kilowalk Kilowalk

(Seattle, WA)
Kilowalk is an alternative energy project focused on disrupting common ideas about energy production. The project implements a kinetic energy harvesting flooring system—an installation of tiles which converts a portion of the kinetic energy of footsteps on its surface into electricity.

KingMakers KingMakers

by KingMakers Meetup Group (Bothell, WA)
From a homemade self-balancing unicycle to a soda can Stirling engine, stop by to view this collection of projects created by members of the KingMakers Meetup Group. Visitors can learn about upcoming workshops, and have fun with interactive items like controlling a robot or trying out a multi-mode electromagnetic radiation sensor.

LeathercraftLeathercraft DIY with Moxie & Oliver

(Seattle, WA)
Moxie & Oliver Leathercraft kits allow anyone to try their hand at a small leathercraft project. Participate in leathercraft tutorials and learn about upcoming classes available in the community.

Living Computer MuseumLiving Computer Museum

by Living Computer Museum (Seattle, WA)
A showcase of vintage computers and artifacts, plus information on the Living Computer Museum.

Lath Carlson, Executive Director of Living Computer Museum, will participate as a panelist for Northwest Tech Trends: "What's the Next Big Thing", 2:00pm-3:00pm in JBL Theater on Saturday.

Logos Electromechanical

by Logos Electromechanical LLC (Edmonds, WA)
Logos Electromechanical makes a variety of Arduino-compatible products for hackers and makers! They’ll be bringing back their popular robot table from last year for more fun.

Maker Culture at the Library

by King County Library System (Issaquah, WA)
The King County Library System supports makers and artists in our community through their programs, services, and collections. Learn how to research maker topics using their print and online resources, and identify learning opportunities, like their new fall maker culture program series for adults, children, and teens (October 1-November 15). For a sample of what you can learn in the series, you can create Squishy Circuits at their booth! Librarians will be on hand to help you create and print booklists to take with you.

Master Builders Racing

by Master Builders Racing (Renton, WA)
Team Master Builders Racing (MBR) built a $500 race car from a broken pink toy Corvette. The car, named Sil-EVA (pronounced "sill eve-uh"), is capable of being modified to move as slow as 3 mph (the original toy's speed) and up to a top speed exceeding 20 mph.

See it in action on the Next 50 Plaza outdoor Motor Zone, 2:30pm-4:00pm both Saturday and Sunday.


Welcome to the Microsoft Lounge where you can play a giant piano with your feet and see other cool projects. See how Windows 10 IoT Core can help you build your own exciting projects at home and in the workplace on Raspberry Pi, Arduino & Intel.

Mirrim 3D Portraits

by Mirrim 3D Portraits (Kirkland, WA)
Learn the process behind 3D scanning as Mirrim3D demonstrates 3D scanning of volunteers on site. Plus, see how some models can be printed in filament with their 3D filament printer.

Mobilizing Solar Energy

by UW Clean Energy Institute (Seattle, WA)
Graduate students from the UW Clean Energy Institute will help visitors experiment with model solar cars. Try your hand at customizing your own solar vehicle, and then see how well it races against others on a track under electric lights.

Motion Sickness Cinematic Robots

by Motion Sickness Motion Control (Auburn, WA)
Motion Sickness Cinematic Robots is a low cost, open-source Motion Control rig perfect for the DIY filmmaker, made with off-the-shelf components you can easily get on the internet. Check out their 360-degree GoPro camera, made up of six GoPro cameras for use in virtual reality projects, among others.

MugsyMugsy, The Internet-Powered Coffee Robot

by Argyle Labs (Seattle, WA)
Twitter, SMS, and has an API so it can be hooked into lots of other communication methods. From temperature to pressure to grind size, control every aspect of your morning cup of coffee with the touch of a button. Stop by to see Mugsy in action and brew your own cup!


Multiplxd will present axios keyboards that are Open Source/Open Hardware modular, ergonomic keyboards.


(Everett, WA)
The neurobot is a robot controlled by the human brain. The device functions through an Arduino connected to a neuro transmitter that finds current brainwave activity and translates the numbers to the simple commands sent using an X-BEE shield to the robot.

Youth maker Dan Joshwa will discuss his project as part of the Youth Maker Spotlight Talk, 1:00pm-1:30pm in JBL Theater on Saturday.

OlyMEGA Maker Space

by OlyMEGA (Olympia, WA)
Learn more about the OlyMEGA maker space at this exhibit featuring CNC, dioramas, and a string instrument fret slot cutter.


Inventions begin in the mind and come to life in the hand. OnlineMetals.com provides the materials to make the making possible! Join us for a whimsical exploration of form and function with our interactive scluptur-e-ma-thing, created from a few of the materials you can also select from our vast catalog of offerings.

Open Beam ZT AutomationsOpenBeam & ZT Automations

OpenBeam and ZT Automations, its' sister company, presents Family Fun Arcade, a 3 part exhibit on robotics, 3D Printing, and low cost automation components including “The Claw” from Toy Story. OpenBeam is an Open Source, miniaturized version of an extruded aluminum framing solution, used in manufacturing industry to build flexible, adjustable structures quickly with minimal tools.

ZT Automations is formed around the spinoff of the OpenBeam Kossel Pro project, an attempt to create a mechanically refined 3D Printer chassis based on Johann Rocholl's Kossel, with whom we collaborated closely on. ZT Automations supplies 3D Printer kits and other low cost automation product based on the OpenBeam ecosystem.

Open Seattle Presents: Tech + CommunityOpen Seattle Presents: Tech + Community

by Open Seattle (Seattle, WA)
This group of volunteers seek to use open-source tools to make our community a better place. They’ll have three projects on display: Seward Park Stories, a digital literary map of Seattle’s only swath of old-growth forest; Hey Duwamish!, which monitors the cleanup of toxic waste in Seattle’s Duwamish River; and What’s My Wage?, where users can answer a series of questions to determine their wage rights.

Cigar Box InstrumentsPHI Sound Lab

by RHL F Sound Lab (Jacksonville, OR)
This booth will have a couple of cigar box guitars and amplifiers for sale. Visitors can watch the maker put together a cigar box guitar and amplifier out of a transistor radio.


Pixelkin.org helps parents navigate the complicated world of video games and keeps them up-to-date on the latest family gaming news. At the Seattle Mini Maker Faire, Pixelkin staff will help you create video game artwork using Perler beads! Follow one of our patterns and make a video game character for your wall or refrigerator. Kids and parents strongly encouraged to work together. For more info on Perler beads, check out Perler.com.

Pop-Up SciencePop-Up Science

by Pop-Up Science (Seattle, WA)
Proteins are macromolecular structures in our cells that perform an incredible amount of tasks. With Pop-Up Science you can explore protein structure, amino acids, and the basics of molecular biology. Bend, twist, and fold your own protein model with real cell biologists who know these molecules inside and out!

Pratt Fine Arts CenterPratt Fine Arts Center

by Pratt Fine Arts Center (Seattle, WA)
Enjoy this series of hands-on interactive demos for kids and adults. Lisa Geertsen, Pratt’s blacksmithing studio manager, will demonstrate the amazing things that can be done with metal. Plus, try out hands-on sculpture demos, art projects for kids including printmaking, and examples of glass art, sculpture, screenprints, jewelry, painting, and drawing to share and discuss.


by QuickDraw (Washougal, WA)
QuickDraw is not just your typical “Drawbot.” Connect to its embedded website (Raspberry Pi), upload a picture, and watch it spring into action. It works with sketches, line drawings, and photos.


by Rainworks (Seattle, WA)
Rainworks are positive pieces of street art in Seattle that only appear when it rains. Stop by and use squirt guns to reveal a piece of hidden street art, and learn how to make your own!

The Relay Calculating Engine

(Seattle, WA)
Inspired by early computers, the Relay Calculating Engine is a machine for computing square roots—noisy and with a lot of blinking lights. Five years in the making, the project employs 480 mechanical relays to compute math operations to 8 digits of precision. Also on display will be a number of other robotic projects under development that explore complex interactive behaviors using machine learning.

ReMake It Station

by Brown Paper Tickets (Seattle, WA)
The ReMake It Station allows you to experiment creating art and testing functional objects that have been fabricated using the concept of “creative reuse.” Trash fashion, serger-sewn clothing cobbled together from former t-shirts and sweaters, sculptures made from all sorts of “junk,” and more will be on display to inspire your own trash-to-treasure projects.

RoBees Robot GamesRoBees Robot Games

by Play Works Studio (Normandy Park, WA)
RoBees is a fun robotics game about bees that teaches kids ages 6-10 the basics of programming, plus important STEM skills like logical reasoning, procedural thinking, and solving problems collaboratively.

Robot Mesh

by Robot Mesh (Kirkland, WA)
Robot Mesh distribute VEX and VEX IQ robot systems as well as Arduino and Seeedstudio Grove products here in WA. Try your hand at driving one of the various VEX robots on display, learn more about easy-to-use Blockly and Python robot programming solutions, and peruse the selection of Seedstudio Grove sensors and actuators for Arduino on display.

Schlem's 3D Printed Pinhole CamerasSchlem's 3D Printed Pinhole Cameras

by Schlaboratory (Seattle, WA)
Using the awesome power of CAD, 3D printing, and the feedback from a globally distributed network of photographers, Schlem has designed and iterated many different pinhole cameras, in a variety of film formats. Designed to be printed with any 3D printer, the cameras are assembled from discrete parts that are optimized for easy, support-free printing.

Seattle Attic Community WorkshopSeattle Attic Community Workshop

by Seattle Attic Community Workshop (Seattle, WA)
The Seattle Attic Community Workshop is a place where people of any gender gather to learn and create. They are a feminist and woman-centered community that actively welcomes participants of all racial and cultural backgrounds and levels of ability.

Seattle CoderDojoSeattle CoderDojo

by Seattle CoderDojo (Lynnwood, WA)
Does your child want to learn to make the next Flappy Bird, MineCraft, or maybe even Facebook? Seattle CoderDojo is a free computer programming club for children ages 8 to 18 committed to inspiring and supporting young people to learn how to create technology through interactive demos, exercises, and presentations.


by SeattleLumin.com (Seattle, WA)
SeattleLumin.com is Seattle's source for EL wire and other hobbiest lighting technologies. Featuring EL wire for sale and LED projects on demo, plus ongoing workshops for attendees who want to learn the basics of working with EL wire.

Seattle Made Tower of Power

by Seattle Made (a program of Seattle Good Business Network) (Seattle, WA)
Seattle Made is a non-profit program that supports hundreds of producers and manufacturers operating in the city of Seattle. As part of the kickoff for Seattle Made Week, a public celebration of all things “made in Seattle,” the group will live assemble a stunning tower of hundreds of Seattle Made products.

Seattle ReCreativeSeattle ReCreative

by Seattle ReCreative (Seattle, WA)
This large-scale ball maze, with tilting axis and obstacles, will require several people to work in tandem to maneuver the tilts and get through the maze. See if you can navigate this fun activity that encourages teamwork, communication, and spatial problem solving.

Hear from Seattle ReCreative at Makerspace Spotlight Talk, 1:00pm-1:45pm in JBL Theater on Sunday.

Smarter Kids and Smarter BristlebotsSmarter Kids and Smarter Bristlebots

(Seattle, WA)
The bristle bot moves around its environment using a proximity sensor to indicate that an obstacle has impeded its progress. Attendees are invited to have a seat to play a few student games created using Rasberry Pi in the Scratch arcade, and to manipulate the environment of the bristle bot.

Snoqualmie Indian TribeSnoqualmie Indian Tribe

Snoqualmie Indian Tribe’s Environmental and Resourced Department presents an Interactive Watershed Model that allows guests to pour "contaminated water" on to the model so they can see how the runoff flows into waterways, the impact contaminants have on water systems, and the effects it has on fish and wildlife.


by SociallyShaped (Seattle, WA)
Roby is an educational robotics company pleased to announce the first, advanced, 3D-printed, customizable robot that teaches electronics, programming, and 3D design. While building Roby, kids can learn about the Arduino platform, Raspberry Pi, and basic skills in a Linux-based operating system, plus how to use sensors, stepper motors, and more in a fun and engaging way.

Solar StationSolar Station

(Redmond, WA)
Solar Station hosts solar-powered maker spaces stocked with the tools you need to get going. Watch things being made with power from the sun, and even help to build and wire up the device.

Soldering Station by MetrixSoldering Station by Metrix

by Metrix Create:Space (Seattle, WA)
Learn how to solder at this onsite soldering station. Metrix Create:Space will have soldering irons, solder, kits, and helpful volunteers to help you get started on your project.

Hear from Metrix Create:Space at Makerspace Spotlight Talk, 1:00pm-1:45pm in JBL Theater on Sunday.

STEAM The Toy Makers TeacherSTEAM The Toy Makers Teacher

by Craft Stick Bending by IMPACT Product Development & Marketing (Sequim, WA)
Craft Stick Bending strives to teach STEM to STEAM education, design, and engineering to our nation’s public schools using craft wood modeling and 3D printing. Using their program, you can design and build products, scan them into a CAD program to make adjustments, and then print the projects out in 3D for testing.

Strike Models

by Strike Models (Lynnwood, WA)
Strike Models makes scale warships from WWI and WWII that shoot and sink each other.

Team Brobotics 2015

by Summer of Brobotics 2015 (Seattle, WA)
Two students present their robotics projects using Raspberry Pi: a Cthul-themed robot with moving tentacles, and a mobile droid that can control household appliances.

Youth makers Cadence and Gawen Sturgeon will discuss their project as part of the Youth Maker Spotlight Talk, 1:00pm-1:30pm in JBL Theater on Saturday.

Thermo-Ocular ExperienceThermo-Ocular Experience

In collaboration with Aerosplice (Seattle, WA)
The Thermo-Ocular Experience is an eye-controlled, thermal printing kiosk that uses the Tobii Eyex as its primary system. Engage with a screen displaying a simple mini-game and receive a photo printed on a thermal receipt as a prize.

Tinker TankTraveling Tinker Tank

by Pacific Science Center (Seattle, WA)
Traveling Tinker Tank, Pacific Science Center’s hands-on tinkering space, presents their Paper Rockets activity, where visitors are challenged to build their own paper rocket using only two pieces of paper and six pieces of tape. Rockets will be launched using bicycle pump-operated launching stations.


(Vancouver, BC)
The Titanoboa project seeks to recreate a 50-foot, one-ton snake killed off by past climate change. Titanoboa is an experimental creature made up of 30 aluminum vertebrae, oil for blood, a lithium polymer battery life force, and a distributed array of micro-controller brains.


by USCutter (Redmond, WA)
Explore this showcase of 3D printers and textile art/garmet customization machines.

Variations & 50 LinesVariations & 50 Lines: Electronic Modern Art

(Seattle, WA)
Variations & 50 Lines are interactive conceptual art installations that invite viewers to explore the subtle beauty of geometry. The pieces, framed to resemble art museum exhibitions, are powered by Raspberry Pi and include laser-etched control panels and screens that allow passersby to generate their own unique works of art and print them out to take home for safe-keeping.

Warmy Portable Foot WarmerWarmy: Portable Foot Warmer

(Seattle, WA)
An eight-year-old maker presents his project, Warmy, the wearable and portable foot warmer you can put into any shoe. You can even wear it, touch it, turn it on, and pick it up!

Youth maker Luca Denhez will discuss his project as part of the Youth Maker Spotlight Talk, 1:00pm-1:30pm in JBL Theater on Saturday.

Whole FoodsWhole Foods

Spin the wheel, answer a question, and win a prize!

Makers subject to change.


September 19–20, 2015


EMP Museum and surrounding Seattle Center locations


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