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Dreadlight: Sweet 'N' Aggressive

Dreadlight at Sound Off 2018
Dreadlight at Sound Off 2018

Sound Off! MoPOP’s 21-and-under battle of the bands returns with Semifinals #1 on February 9. We’re so thrilled to showcase these incredible artists that we couldn’t wait until the shows, so we’re starting now!

In early January, we had the chance to talk with each performer and learn a little bit more about them and their music.

Best friends Kandra Tolvstad and Toria Beck may have come from different musical worlds, but when they formed Dreadlight in 2014 something magical happened. Their sweet-but-aggressive style combines the best of ‘90s grunge goodness with a fresh indie spirit that’s totally unique. Perfect, tight harmonies balance on a tightrope of distorted guitars and grounded bass to create a sound that is pleasantly headbanagble.

Their self-produced album will come out later this year. 

Check out this clip with these amazing musicians, and read the whole interview below!

What does being part of Sound Off! mean to you?

Kandra: Well it means a lot (laughter)

Toria: [It’s] another step in our process I’d say—a step in developing ourselves and getting a foot in the music business.

Kandra: Meeting other people who are like minded and our age. It’s really really cool.

Dreadlight outfit 1

Why do you make music? How does making music make you feel?

Kandra: I’ve always found music to be an easier way for me to communicate. It’s always come really naturally. It helps me process a lot of the things that I deal with.

Toria: Yeah. It’s like therapy.

Dreadlight outfit 2

What do you hope to achieve through your music?

Kandra: Well, I wanna change the world. Step one.

Toria: For me it’s always been [about] bringing people together and creating this community of people that [say] “yeah, I know, I feel that way.” Inspiring people to be their best selves in the world.

Describe your music using only emojis.

Toria: Oh man, I don’t use emojis.

Kandra: Smiley face and sad face. We care a lot about balance.

Toria: And maybe a confused face?

Kandra: And a rock on symbol.

Deadlight performs February 9 at Sound Off! Seminfinals #1. Don’t miss it, get your tickets right here.

slightly smiling face emojidisappointed emojiso confused face emojisign of the horns emoji

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