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Maker Faire: MoPOP is a Maker Space

The great tree in Fantasy: Worlds of Myth and Magic

This August, the Seattle Mini Maker Faire will make its glorious, whacky, imaginative, tech-infused return to MoPOP.

We’ve had making on the brain pretty much constantly, and that constant clunking on makerly ideas led one MoPOP staffer to have a realization: the museum itself is a maker space.

From curators and exhibit creators, to educators and visitor services, we all work together to create the magic of MoPOP. Once excellent (and fun) example of the maker spirit in action at the museum can be seen in this time-lapse of the exhibits team creating the magical tree in Fantasy: Worlds of Myth and Magic.


We can’t wait for you to join our maker movement! Make sure to join us at Maker Faire August 18 and 19 .

Maker Faire

About the author

Adrienne is a writer and editor from Seattle and is MoPOP's Content Wizard (patent pending).