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MoPOP Playlist: Science Night

MoPOP After Dark: Seattle Science Night

When we got the chance to partner with Seattle Science Night for our After Dark Happy Hour series, we jumped at the chance. We love science and we love a good cocktail, so why not put them together and see what happens?

This Saturday, July 28, we’ll get to see the result of this combination when we (and you!) gather in The Lounge at MoPOP to do hands-on experiments. Personally, I’m hoping for a papier-mâché volcano situation, but I’m ready for anything!

To get you in the mood for this exciting (and did I mention free?) evening, we’d like to share our Nerd Jam Out playlist. This is just a taste of the geeky goodness descending to fill your ears Saturday night.


Mixologist creating a cocktail

MoPOP Mood Music

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