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Sound Off! Where Are They Now? Catching Up With Sol

Sol Sound Off! MoPOP
Sol performs at the Sound Off! finals in 2009

While our Sound Off! 2020 finals are postponed we’ll be checking in with program participants from years’ past, seeing what they’re up to these days, and asking how Sound Off! has shaped their current careers.

This week we checked in with 2009 finalist Sol. Here’s what Sol had to say about Sound Off! and what’s happening with his career now.

As a young artist coming up in Seattle, Sound Off! provided the opportunity to not only organize and ready myself for the big stage but also gave me the experience of what it's like to be competitive in my craft while still learning from and collaborating with my peers at the same time. The timing and impact that Sound Off! had on me at the time was so significant and formative for me that it's hard to even imagine my career trajectory without it.

Following his Sound Off! appearance, Sol has released several critically acclaimed records, including his 2012 release Yours Truly, which hit No. 1 on the U.S. hip-hop album charts. He has toured the globe, played esteemed festivals in Washington and beyond, and continues to release music that inspires many.

Check out Sol’s upcoming tour dates, browse merch, and listen to his latest music here.

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