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I.C.Y.M.I.: 'Captain America' Star Chris Evans Praises Young Superhero For Selfless Act

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Greetings, fellow pop culture aficionados, and welcome to week 23 of our I.C.Y.M.I. (In Case You Missed It) blog series. Our museum may be temporarily closed to visitors based on guidance from public health officials to slow the spread of coronavirus, but we're still here to recap a handful of trending tidbits from the past week(s) in popular culture, in case you missed them.

Last week, we alerted fans about the first-ever HAHA awards, Hulu's way of recognizing some of the most impactful animated television shows from the past few decades (voting is still open, by the way). This week, we begin with a feel-good story featuring Chris Evans as Captain America, a young boy named Bridger, and how that young boy helped protect his little sister from danger. Read on!

Chris Evans Praises Young Boy Who Saved Sister From Charging Dog

Chris Evans is shipping a unique gift to one brave little boy.

The Captain America star recently reached out to 6-year-old Bridger Walker, who protected his 4-year-old sister from a charging dog, telling his family, according to ABC, "I stepped to the side, in front of my sister so that the dog wouldn't get her. I kept moving, so it couldn't get past..."

The dog got hold of Bridger's cheek and he was rushed to the hospital. Two hours and 90 stitches later, Bridger was OK, and his sister was safe. Bridger, who's been spending time recovering at home in his superhero outfits, has seen his story receive worldwide attention and support. Stars including Anne Hathaway and Tom Holland, who plays Spider-Man, as well as Evans have reached out, with the Marvel actor sending Bridger a personalized message as Captain America and offering to send the Wyoming boy an authentic Captain America shield, "because pal, you deserve it," Evans says.

This past Thursday, Bridger and his family shared, "We are so appreciative of all the kind words, love, and prayers..." and ABC notes the family has asked any donations be made to charities, including the Wounded Warrior Project, to help superheroes on the front lines.

Remembering Grant Imahara

Grant Imahara, one of the world's most inspiring (and nerdiest) individuals, passed away suddenly this past week at age 49 following a brain aneurysm. Host of MythBusters and White Rabbit Project, Imahara was a prominent figure in the visual effects industry noted for specialties in robotics and electrical engineering. He contributed to Star Wars, controlling R2-D2's movements in episodes I, II, and III; created the skeleton robot Geoff Peterson, sidekick on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson; and helped others pursue careers in STEM. Discovery Channel, which put together the moving memorial video embedded above, is holding a Mythbusters marathon in Imahara's honor this weekend.

Muppets Now Has Entered The Chat

Jim Henson enthusiasts may remember us previewing the show's release date announcement back in May, but Disney+'s Muppets Now, which is scheduled to hit the streaming service July 31, has now released a teaser for the upcoming series. In the short video, Kermit gathers up all his Muppets friends for a virtual conference call and shares the news that Muppets Now has been green-lit. The clip, embedded above, offers some entertaining Muppets reaction and a couple clues for how the show might function. Check it out!

What Else To Catch Up On This Weekend

What'd We Miss?

Now that we've filled you in on a few things, what do you feel we failed to mention? Let us know in the comments, or hit us up with a suggestion on social media. We'll look to include your ideas in our next edition of I.C.Y.M.I.

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