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Submit Your Original, Short Film For The 19th Annual Science Fiction + Fantasy Short Film Festival

Captain’s log :: Stardate 34912.7

The away team’s exploration of the structure has yielded more mysteries than answers, leaving us no closer to understanding what the purpose of this place might once have been.

Most perplexing of all is the enclosed digital artifact. Commander Worf believes it to be some form of imperial directive, though Counselor Troi suspects it may refer to a ritual or festival of celebration. All attempts to decode it have proven unsuccessful, and it is likely we will have to resign ourselves to having uncovered one more unanswerable mystery in a galaxy in which they are hardly in short supply.


Submissions are now open for the 19th annual Science Fiction + Fantasy Short Film Festival!

We can’t celebrate out-of-this-world short cinema and the daring filmmakers who make it happen without you, so answer the call and enter your film today for a chance to see it shine on the big screen at our June 2024 festival! Films screened at SFFSFF have gone on to be nominated for Academy Awards, featured in museum exhibitions, distributed internationally, and more.

Regular entry ends Oct 31 (meaning the price goes up) so assemble your company, polish your creation, upload those files, and give your future self the best story ever!

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Captain’s log—Additional

Wesley Crusher interrupted my evening run to tell me he thinks the artifact could be some form of “sea shanty,” which he then attempted to demonstrate. He has been placed on disciplinary duty and will be cleaning Jefferies tubes for the foreseeable future.

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