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LIVE from inside the museum, it’s MoPOP!

Through discussions and activities led by our museum educators, students will explore museum content and collaborate on curriculum-linked activities, all in real time.

Review our current programs below and look for new opportunities throughout the year.

Building New Worlds: Sci-Fi Story Builder

How do sci-fi stories like WALL-E allow us to explore big issues and problems we face today

  • Explore how science fiction stories are inspired by and based on real-world characters and problems
  • Identify three common elements that science-fiction stories use to pose key questions
  • Discuss how sci-fi stories use utopias and dystopias to establish settings
  • Work together to create our own original sci-fi story with characters inspired by artifacts in MoPOP’s Infinite Worlds of Science Fiction exhibition
  • Extension Activity: Following your livestream workshop, apply what you’ve learned to identify your own “what if” question, create your characters, and begin writing your own sci-fi story

(Grades 58)

This Machine Kills Fascists

Based on Woody Guthrie’s iconic activist slogan, “This Machine Kills Fascists,” this workshop is a study of what creative people do when they experience injustice and an exploration of the “machines” we all can use to make a difference.

  • Dive into the creative work of artists and examine the tools they use to inspire change.
  • Students will use a personal journal to reflect on the issues that are important to them and their definitions of social justice and injustices.
  • Identify how their skills and interests can be used to participate in meaningful activist work.
  • Extension Activity: Following your workshop, your students will take a deeper look at pop culture through research, reflection, and creative exercises that analyze how their interests can be used to enhance their activist projects.

(Grades 9-12)



Due to COVID-19, we’re offering special rates to make our virtual programs more accessible.

Virtual programs must be paid in advance at least two weeks ahead of the scheduled workshop. We prefer payment by credit card or purchase order (electronic PO preferred).

  • Regular Rate: $75

  • K–12 Schools, After-School/Scout Programs, and NonProfits: $25

  • Title I Schools: $15

  • Sign up your whole grade (minimum 4 classes) and receive a 10% discount!



Booking and Logistics

  • Our educators can join your remote classroom platform or host you and your students on our Zoom account
  • Virtual field trips serve a maximum of 30 students per session
  • Our virtual field trips include 60 minutes of content. They may be scheduled as a single 60-minute class or split into shorter sections of 20-30 minutes each over multiple days.
  • Programs are available Monday-Friday starting at 9:00AM
  • All workshops include extension activities that you can use on your own after the program.
  • For more information, email us at or submit the inquiry form below.

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