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Rock the rainbow this summer by celebrating with MoPOP during Pride 2022 in Seattle. We’ve only got one rule: show up in whatever way allows you to be your truest self.

We recognize that right now it’s not easy out there for those of us in the queer community. MoPOP is dedicated to celebrating the growth, strength, and absolute fabulousness that sets the LGBTQIA+ community apart — especially when it comes to providing a safe space for new generations of sashayers and slayers.

This year, we’re offering a few ways to get down and proud:


Thursday, June 23 | 7:00pm–10:30pm | MoPOP

In partnership with Gay City, this year’s Youth Mixer is back — with a lot of dancing to catch up on. See what’s up with the community and try out some new moves on the dance floor. We’ve got an awesome lineup of LGBTQIA+ youth artist performances, zine-making workshops (led by Max Follis-Goodkind), and art activities, all topped off with a judgement-free dance party. Should we say less?

*Must be 14-21 years of age (proof of ID required)



Sunday, June 12 | noon–5:00pm | Meet at Volunteer Park

We’ve partnered with Cascade Bicycle Club again this year for another fabulous bike ride through Seattle. Start off by decorating your bike and meeting the other riders, roll through the city in style, and learn some local LGBTQIA+ history. Then chill out at MoPOP with the rest of the riders for raffle prizes, a queer bike talk, and a stroll around our exhibitions.




Get the quick and sassy on expressing yourself through drag. Seattle drag performer Josh Hancock will strut you through makeup tutorials, how to perfect your hair/wigs, and even give you some tips on working that runway with choreography and movement lessons. Can we get a yasssss, queen?

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About Joshua Hancock

Joshua Hancock

Joshua Hancock has been working in theatre, burlesque, and drag for 30 years. He believes drag is for everyone, it is more than one thing, and can be used to heal, bring joy, sadness, and love to people. He has a Master’s Degree from Texas Woman's University in Theatre, and has worked in Ireland, Canada, Mexico, Czech Republic, and coast to coast in the United States. Joshua bases his drag character Parton, on none other than Dolly Parton, and uses Parton's voice to spread love and open minds.

Cascade Bicycle Club

Cascade Bicycle Club

Cascade Bicycle Club, the nation’s largest statewide bicycling nonprofit, serves bike riders of all ages, races, genders, income levels, and abilities throughout the state of Washington. We teach the joys of bicycling, advocate for safe places to ride, and produce world-class rides and events.

Gay City

Seattle's LGBTQ Center (formerly Gay City)

Seattle's LGBTQ+ Center's mission is to cultivate access and connections to promote self-determination, liberation and joy in LGBTQ+ communities. We are the definitive hub for LGBTQ+ individuals seeking affirming and responsive resources, wellness, and community.

Seattle's LGBTQ+ Center (formerly Gay City) is the only LGBTQ+ center in Seattle; we are the leading provider of HIV and STI testing in King County, and through our youth advocacy, arts, resource referral, and wellness programming, we support LGBTQ+ folks experiencing intersecting health inequities and oppressions.