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Taylor Crumpton

As an undergraduate at Abilene Christian University, Taylor's experience organizing for Black students, in addition to her advocating for abortion rights and reproductive justice, were critical stepping stones to informing her editorial approach. During her junior year, she was selected to be a fellow for Young People For’s Blueprints for Social Justice program, which she was able to channel a wealth of insight from because of her on-the-ground equity work. In 2016, she became a student journalist for Unite for Reproductive & Gender Equity (URGE) where she continued to write more about reproductive and abortion issues. In April of that year, she began regularly contributing general and political news stories to Teen Vogue.
In just four years, Taylor has used her collective experiences to create the sharp and poignant work that she has become well-known to produce. She’s been welcomed to speak on the Netflix-produced podcast “You Can’t Make This Up”, served as the guest editor for Them’s 2020 Black History Month editorial package, and has even been recognized amongst her peers by way of her Jack Jones’ cultural critics index placement.

Since she’s began writing, Taylor’s bylines has appeared on a variety of publications, including Pitchfork, Nylon, Playboy, Marie Claire and others.